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Leveraging over 25 years experience addressing the mobile satellite challenges of the world’s leading aerospace companies, Square Peg Communications has redefined satellite link testing with its RLS-2100 Radio Link Simulator – an all-in-one system that can apply a comprehensive set of impairments for complex wideband scenarios – supporting single or multi-orbit constellations, LEO to GEO, and 5G.

The RLS-2100 is a wideband (1.2 GHz) hardware-in-the-loop radio link simulator that allows any satellite scenario to be recreated at RF in the lab. It is the first of its kind to provide a fully integrated, single box solution, for simulation of the most demanding test conditions. Any mix of LEO/MEO/HEO/GEO orbits, for a single satellite or a mega-constellation, can be modeled in real-time and synchronized with any terminal in motion, to apply accurate characteristics to a link under test.

Company Website: https://www.squarepeg.ca