Advantech Wireless supports the critical need for High Throughput Satellite communications in a rapidly expanding digital environment. Our proven, low-cost, and highly reliable system solutions are meeting the ever-increasing need for high-bandwidth communications essential to military and government solutions, as well as cellular network providers, broadcasters, robust corporate networks, and security. We integrate award-winning research and development engineering into our designs. The result: custom solutions with lowest overall capital and operating costs, together with an unparalleled commitment to lead the industry in innovation, design and reliability.

Company Website: http://www.advantechwireless.com/

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Name Cristi Damian Bob Petrucelli
Title VP Business Development VP USA Sales
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AvL Technologies, Inc. is a privately held US company specializing in the design, development and production of mobile satellite antennas and positioner systems. With corporate headquarters based in Asheville, North Carolina, and a regional office in the UK, AvL is able to offer superior service and support to customers around the world. AvL provides customers with positioner and complete antenna system products, product development and services that maximize the technical and commercial benefits for their customers with cost, performance, quality and reliability requirements.

AvL provides solutions and support for satellite ground terminals for SNG, mobile broadband Internet access, Disaster Relief, Oil & Gas Data Backhaul, and Defense & Homeland Security customers throughout the world. AvL offers the world’s largest range of satellite antennas for vehicle-mount, flyaway and fixed Earth station applications with sizes ranging from 60cm to 5.0M. With state-of-the-art manufacturing and development, AvL antennas are sturdy, efficient and reliable.

Company Website: http://www.avltech.com

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Name Bryan Kerns Tony Wilkey
Title Director of Business Development Senior Vice President
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CPI division ASC Signal is leading manufacturer of Earth Station Antenna Systems for Satcom and HTS applications. Supporting applications from UHF through V-band, ASC provides antennas from 2.4m through 9.4m in fixed, transportable, and tactical configurations. ASC is highly experienced provider in the design and integration of complete RF System Gateways for broadcast, commercial and , government & military applications.

Company Website: http://www.cpii.com

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Name Fred Vinezeano Paul Weldon
Title VP Prfoducts Sr. VP Global Sales
Email fred.vinezeano@cpii.com paul.weldon@cpii.com
Tel +1-214-291-7646


CPI is a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of ground equipment for satellite uplink communications. With more than 50,000 high power amplifiers shipped, CPI is one of the only companies to manufacture all of traveling wave tube amplifiers, klystron power amplifiers, and both GaN- and GaAs-powered SSPAs and BUCs.

CPI is leading the way in providing earth-based solutions for HTS applications, for high frequency applications up to Q-band, and for transportation-related services such as in-flight communications and maritime services. The company is also highly experienced in providing products for more broadcast and communications networks as well.

With 24-hour telephone support and more than 20 service centers around the globe, CPI customers can rest assured that their questions and concerns will always be attended to.

CPI Satcom & Medical Products Satcom Group is co-exhibiting with CPI ASC Signal as part of CPI, LLC

Company Website: http://www.cpii.com/satcom

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Name CPI Satcom Products
Email satcommarketing@cpii.com
Tel +1 (650) 846-3803


The 2017 Satellite Innovation Symposium is pleased to welcome DATAPATH as an exhibitor to this year’s event.


Our MIL-STD-790 approved and ISO-17025 accredited laboratory houses multiple state-of-the-art test systems that can handle a wide range of shock, SRS and classical, and vibration, Sine, Random to Sine-on-Random, Launch, Gunfire and Windmilling, as well as T-Vac with +/- 150C temperature cycling capability. Experior also offers clean room availability for the most sensitive of devices. http://www.experiorlabs.com

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Name Roger Rutz Gerrit Lane
Title National Sales Manager Project Engineer
Email roger@experiorlabs.com glane@experiorlabs.com
Tel (805) 402-8118 (805) 483-3400


Globecomm is globally recognized for transporting video content and data with zero downtime over multiple networks — from satellite and fiber to broadband and mobile – to remote locations under the most treacherous conditions. Serving media, maritime, enterprise and government markets in over 100 countries, Globecomm provides system design and integration, end-to-end managed services including mobile and IoT, media services and mission-critical network support.

Company Website: http://www.globecomm.com

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Name Paul Scardino Peggy Stalhut
Title SVP, Sales Engineering and Marketing Marketing Manager
Email pscardino@globecomm.com peggy.stalhut@globecomm.com
Tel 631 457 1170 631 457 1198
Cell 631 457 1170 631 893 9778


Glowlink, a California based company, provides equipment and services that improves the performance of satellite communications. A key corporate focus is to provide customers with breakthrough products and technologies to fight satellite interferences: prevent, detect, locate and remove signal interferences and thereby enhance the underlying reliability and quality of communications.

Glowlink’s latest breakthrough, CSIR™ (Communications Signal Interference Remover), is the underlying technology in its GS380 product line. Glowlink’s GS380 product line revolutionizes communication link performance by actively removing interference with no prior knowledge. In conjunction with spectrum monitoring and geolocation tools, Glowlink’s GS380 product suite helps operators discover and excise unintentional or hostile interference.

Company Website: http://www.glowlink.com

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Email sales@glowlink.com
Tel 650-237-0220


Moog Inc. is an established space hardware provider including key elements for launch vehicles (Thrust Vector Control systems, main engine valves, and pressurization system hardware) and spacecraft (avionics, propulsion, mechanisms). Moog technologies are very established in multi-manifest launch configuration including the ESPA family of products, vibration isolation/mitigation such as SoftRide, and Propulsive Adapters (e.g. Propulsive ESPA).

Company Website: http://www.moog.com/space

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Name John Howat Chris Loghry
Title Business Development Manager Business Development Manager
Email jhowat@moog.com cloghry@moog.com
Tel +1 (650) 417-4285 +1 (818) 734-3445
Cell +1 (720) 289-7041


Newtec, www.newtec.eu, is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications. As a pioneer in the industry, Newtec is dedicated to creating new possibilities for the broadcast, consumer and enterprise VSAT, government and defense, cellular backhaul and trunking and mobility, offshore and maritime markets. Our products and technologies can be applied in a wide range of single and multiservice applications from DTH broadcasting, video contribution and distribution and disaster recovery and backbones for cellular backhauling, to small and medium enterprises, SCADA and oil and gas networks, aircrafts and vessels.

Since 1985, our dedicated team of specialists has set industry standards with the most efficient, scalable and economical technology solutions. New challenges and customer needs offer opportunities to explore new boundaries.

Company Website: http://www.newtec.eu

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Name Els Baele Kevin McCarthy
Title Marketing Director Vice President of Market Development
Email eba@newtec.eu kmcc@newtec.eu
Tel +32 (3) 780 65 00
Cell +32(485)59 16 09 +1(786) 303 5223


Manufacturer of bespoke circuitry, custom antenna designs. RF & Microwave circuitry, Frequency selective surfaces, formed and moulded circuits, flex and rigid-flex. Ask if you don’t see your requirement listed.

Company Website: http://www.pcbs.space

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Name Nick Potts
Title Managing Director
Email sales@pcbs.space
Tel +441245323244
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We help Earth benefit from space. SSC’s broad range of products and services − from satellite subsystems to launch and operation − and their worldwide availability, is unmatched in the market. We provide technology and services required to implement and manage advanced space projects in the best way possible. #SSCINFINITY

Company Website: http://www.sscspace.com/

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Name Kevin Mortensen
Title VP, International Marketing
Email kmortensen@uspacenet.com
Tel 719-578-3320
Cell 719-358-1627


Walton De-Ice is the premier Earth Station Antenna De-Ice systems manufacturer worldwide. Over 36 years protecting your signal from the elements such as snow, ice and rain. Featuring our original Plenum Systems, Snow Shield, Ice Quake and Rain Quake available in passive or heated solutions (Snow Shield/Ice Quake available in sizes from .63 M up to 6.3 M antennas); (Plenum Hot Air systems from 3.8 M up to 32 M antennas). Walton De-Ice specializes in Ka Band antenna De-Ice solutions for Earth Station Antennas as well as V-Sat. Walton De-Ice utilizes the most cost effective solutions with patent protected Ice Quake saving as much as 100X over electric pad anti-ice systems. With increasing laws and regulations Walton De-Ice offers the only CE certified gas and electric heaters and controls and are completely RoHS and REACH compliant.

Company Website: http://www.de-ice.com

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Name RAY POWERS David Walton
Title Director of Sales Director of Snow Shield Operations
Email ray@de-ice.com david@de-ice.com
Tel 1 951 683-0930 1 951 683-0930
Cell 1 951 236-9282


XipLink is the technology leader in wireless link optimization (WLO) using industry standard SCPS TCP acceleration, UDP enhancements, data/header compression, link bonding and Internet optimizations to deliver a better wireless experience over stressed communication links. Our award-winning XipOS software dramatically improves web experience and optimizes other Internet traffic in markets such as maritime, cell backhaul, ISP backhaul, military and aviation broadband. The XipLink solution is packaged into appliances or virtual images and sold through OEM, Integration and Service Provider partners around the world. XipLink is a privately owned company with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec Canada and field personnel worldwide.

Company Website: http://www.xiplink.com

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Name Jack Waters
Title CEO
Email jwaters@xiplink.com
Tel 514-848-9649


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