We help Earth benefit from space. SSC’s broad range of products and services − from satellite subsystems to launch and operation − and their worldwide availability, is unmatched in the market. We provide technology and services required to implement and manage advanced space projects in the best way possible. #SSCINFINITY

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Name Kevin Mortensen
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Walton De-Ice is the premier Earth Station Antenna De-Ice systems manufacturer worldwide. Over 36 years protecting your signal from the elements such as snow, ice and rain. Featuring our original Plenum Systems, Snow Shield, Ice Quake and Rain Quake available in passive or heated solutions (Snow Shield/Ice Quake available in sizes from .63 M up to 6.3 M antennas); (Plenum Hot Air systems from 3.8 M up to 32 M antennas). Walton De-Ice specializes in Ka Band antenna De-Ice solutions for Earth Station Antennas as well as V-Sat. Walton De-Ice utilizes the most cost effective solutions with patent protected Ice Quake saving as much as 100X over electric pad anti-ice systems. With increasing laws and regulations Walton De-Ice offers the only CE certified gas and electric heaters and controls and are completely RoHS and REACH compliant.

Company Website: http://www.de-ice.com

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Name RAY POWERS David Walton
Title Director of Sales Director of Snow Shield Operations
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