L3 Electron Devices (EDD) is the world’s leading supplier of Microwave Power Modules (MPM) which are commonly used in a variety of SATCOM uplink applications. MPMs are super-components that combine a solid-state driver amplifier with a micro-TWT and a power supply in one package that is much smaller, lighter and more efficient than a comparable TWTA or SSPA.

L3 EDD is also recognized as the Space industry’s leading manufacturer of TWTs, EPCs and TWTAs for satellite RF Downlink applications. We’ve delivered thousands of TWTs and TWTAs to customers worldwide in products ranging from UHF-Band to V-Band. With hardware on more than 180 satellites, over 450 million TWT operating hours in orbit, and more than 142 million EPC/TWTA operating hours in orbit, L3 EDD’s product lines have a proven history of high reliability.

Company Website: http://www2.l3t.com/edd/index2.htm

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